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Terms of Use

Terms of Use explores the history of computers and the inception of the internet. As our entire lives have become revolved around connecting online, the importance of digital privacy is more important now then ever.

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While struggling to stay afloat with her career, Tabitha receives a call from Justine, a social worker, who informs her about the death of Charlotte's foster parents. Charlie is Tabitha's daughter she abandoned on the day the girl was born. So, it is time for Tabitha to claim back her real name, Kate, and return to her hometown where she will have to tackle the ghosts of her past.



Neat freak Katie, and her slobby fiancé Ben, face their considerable differences as they're hunted by Katie's haunted robot vacuum cleaner once it sucks up the ashes of a murderer in the wake of a house party.

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The Elan School was the last stop. Set deep in the woods of Maine, Elan delivered controversial therapy to troubled teens. It was a meat grinder of raw emotion and harsh discipline. Some say it sold hope, others say it sold Hell.

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Set against the backdrop of New Jersey's famed towns of Asbury Park and Red Bank, The Dirty Thirty confronts the existential dilemmas of soul-crushing jobs, stale relationships, the alienation of technology and finally, deciding to grow up in a world where being a boy forever is the norm.

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